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Finger Print and Fire Alarm System

Finger Print System

Automated fingerprint system plays a very important role to track employees IN and OUT timing for attendance and overtime calculation for small and medium-sized organizations.

StartupTalky fingerprint sensor is good quality and it can read the employee’s different condition fingers which are usually dirty, oily and some employees even have sweaty & dry fingers in natural.

StartupTalky Fingerprint reader made the best quality sensors which can read wet, dry, cut & swelled fingers of employees.

Fire Alarm System

StartupTalky is Ahmedabad base Fire Alarm System providing service. We installing Fire alarm system in flat, corporate building, Factory, Bank, School, College etc.

Fire Systems will Service and Maintenance Contract may be a value effective approach of managing your maintenance visits on your hearth alarm and gives you genuine feelings of serenity that your gear will work when it is required most – in case of a fire.